We Proudly Rate Ourselves Among The Top 10 Photographers In New Mexico

Trying not to sound too blunt…

Natural Touch Photography without a doubt among the best photographers in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. This is a fact.  But what does that mean?  It means, that among photographers with great training, true artistic skill, great creativity, formal photography education and massive experience we rank right at the top.

Yes you can find a photographer for $695 or even less – just be careful.  A really nice house wife with a camera, or a very nice man with a weekend hobby – the truth is that they are simply not qualified to photograph the most important day of your life. Please believe me, I know – I have tried 29 times in the past 7 years to find great photographers – I succeeded once, and I have stopped looking.  I can show you examples of what a mediocre photographer can do to your wedding – he/she can single-handedly destroy your memories and once it is done, it can’t be erased. I recently had to let go of a fairly experienced photographer for doing just that. Don’t let the lure of “Affordability”, the presence of a few carefully selected images or the “promise” of great results, be the forces that decide what the photos that you will have to see for the rest of your life will look like.

I tried training several photographers – they were all very nice people and many of them tried really hard, in the end I came to the realization that you just can’t teach someone to be artistic if art is not in their soul.  Several of these photographers had moments of illumination – only to be followed by many instances of photographic tragedy.  The choice to release them had to be made because when it comes to your wedding, I can’t risk someone not delivering perfect memories.

When we photograph your wedding, we bring with us years of intricate training and experience working at practically every church, every venue and every available space there is.  We anticipate, and collaborate and create with you and the final product will become the final piece of the puzzle in the event you placed so much care and effort into.


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